You can become a member of BBE either as an organisation or as an individual

Annual Membership

The price you pay for BBE membership relates to the size of your organisation - measured by the number of bands. For example, if you have a youth band and a senior band within your organisation you should purchase a 2 band membership.

  • A 1 Band Membership is £100 per year. This is also suitable for Brass Band Associations/Networks. 
  • A 2 Band Membership is £150 per year

  • A 3 Band Membership is £175 per year

  • A 4 or more Band Membership is £200

  • Membership for Student/Youth bands is £75 per year

Our preferred payment method is by card payment, as the cost of this is lower than that of Paypal. Please consider using card payment so more money can be put back into Brass Bands England and the work we do. Please be aware there is an additional £25 administrative payment for offline payments.  For example, if paying by cheque, add £25 to the total amount.


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